Thursday, February 28, 2013

Visit home: Oregon

When coming home for Tyler's endowments and Lexie's baptism, I was going to be home long enough so I flew up to Oregon to visit Vonda and the kids.
After arriving in Oregon, we did some shopping and had dinner at Chipotle.  Then Saturday morning I went with Vonda, Kendra and Braydon to Braydon's basketball game.  They won the first game.  And the second game was close.  They'd score, we'd score, they'd score, we'd score.  Then after the start of the second half, they pulled away and our team just struggled to score.  But it was a lot of fun to watch. 
Then when Vonda has a treat for the kids, she calls it a "purple dragon".  So after a quick lunch we headed into Portland to find out what the purple dragon was.  Kendra, Braydon, Gabriel and I made a few guesses but we didn't guess it.  When we got to the city, David dropped us off and then went and found a parking space, and Vonda, the kids and I headed into the arena.  As we got inside, I heard a familiar tune!  They took us to a Harlem Globetrotters game! 

It was SO awesome.  The players were quite funny and the kids had a great time.  I'd never been to one, but really enjoyed it.  The players were so funny!  If you ever get a chance, I say you should go!

Here we are sitting enjoying the game.  The smiles show how much fun we had! :-)

We couldn't help but get up and "dance" to "The YMCA".  After dinner we went to Olive Garden.  It had been so long since I'd eaten at Olive Garden, but their salad and bread sticks are still SO good!  I was stuffed when we left but it was fun.  And Vonda wouldn't let me pay for anything, so it was a real treat.  Thanks sister!
Then on Sunday, I went to church with them.  This is Gabie and me before heading off to church.  They are great kiddos, even if Kendra is going through a "teenage don't take my picture"...just like her great-grandma Helene who didn't like her photo being taken!  But Kendra is a cute, wonderful girl, and I'm sure she'll outgrow this phase too.
Then on Monday Vonda drove me to the Portland, Oregon airport after doing some shopping at the scout shop for me to head back to Arizona.
Thanks to the Reinholds for a wonderful trip!  See you next time!

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