Thursday, June 23, 2011

Dinner with the Marines!

My friend Nick, who is a Marine, is getting ready to depart post.  And so before he left, I made dinner for him and the other Marines.

Here I am with Michelle, one of the Marines.  I'm making the sauce for the mac and cheese and she is helping me make the meatballs.
This is Nick, my good friend.
Here are the Marines digging into dinner.  And below are all the ones who weren't working that got to eat with me.  We had a great time. They even said that I could come back and cook again! :)

Friday, June 17, 2011

Italian Embassy Party

There isn't much that we are allowed to do, but one thing that we do get to do, is go to other embassy parties.  The Italian Embassy has had quite a few parties that I have gone to and I finally remembered to bring my camera.

This is my friend Lily.  I'm grateful that I met her because she has been a real friend.
This is Sean, one of the TDY DS Agents.  He's also been a great friend and I'm glad I've met him.

It is outside and they serve pizza from a brick oven and they play music.  I'm dancing all the time and Sean finally gave in and danced, so I took a picture as evidence!
I'm glad I went, it's nice to get out and do something different to help pass the time.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Dinner parties at my apartment in Iraq

 I love to cook and so I've learned how to improvise and still be able to cook even though I can't always get what I want.  And I invite my friends over to enjoy with me! :)

My friend Eddie.
 Some of my friends from my training class and some I made while here in Baghdad.
Hasmik and I.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Pool Party in Baghdad, Iraq

Even though I'm in a war zone, we are lucky enough to have an out-door pool.  So for Memorial Day weekend a couple friends had a pool party and BBQ.  We had a good time and the weather and food were awesome!
 Anup, Sona and I
 Me, Malene & Sona
 Val, me and Todd
Kristi, Sona and I