Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Napier day 2

So the second day in Napier I went to church only to find out that it was their stake conference.  So luckily a member was at the church and was able to let me know where the stake center was.  A lady at church told me that there would be a free airshow on the beach around 2 pm.  How cool is that?  Plus their stake conference was what I needed to hear.
The city of Napier had a major earthquake in 1930 and they rebuilt the city. So every year they have a festival and the people dress up in 1930's style clothes.  Its great to see the city get so involved and even dress up!  Here are some people having a picnic on the beach. 
A Rolls Royce Silver Ghost...enough said! 
A statue commemorating the era.
They have gardens in every city and this is the "Sunken Garden".  I love all the gardens and how beautiful it is. 
An anchor on the coast...kind of cool, huh? :-) 
I'm not sure what this statue is commemorating, but I thought it was cool and loved all the flowers and that it was on the beach.  You can't see it from this angle, but there was a little boy playing in the fountain.  In New Zealand it isn't against the law to play in fountains...kind of cool! 

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