Thursday, February 28, 2013

Visit home: Dinner with the girls

When I lived in the Phoenix valley, I came to be very good friends with CJ, Mindy, Kim, Valerie, and Lonnie.  Then we started going to "birthday dinners" together.  These are times with very good friends that I treasure.  And since Ruth and I moved away, any time that she or I come into the valley we still get together to have dinner.  This Monday only CJ, Mindy and I could make the dinner, but it was still a wonderful time with very good friends.  And we went to Tia Rosas (because I HAVE to get my fill of Mexican food before I head back to New Zealand) which I'd never eaten before but it was very yummy!
Thanks CJ and Mindy for being able to get together!  Love you girls!  Hugs!

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