Sunday, February 3, 2013

New Plymouth, Mt Egmont, and Whanganui

For Martin Luther King, Jr. day a friend and I drove up the coast to visit New Plymouth.  We stopped at Whanganui (pronounced "fan-ga-new-i") and climbed up a tower. This was the view of the Whanganui River and town.
From inside the tower.  It was pretty windy up here!

Then we stopped at Dawson Falls.  This is the pools.  SO pretty!

A good shot of the waterfall.

Another fall futher down.  This is Andrew Heath a friend that I met through church.

This is the view from the cabin we stayed at.

This is Mt Egmont which is the Lonely Mountain in "The Hobbit: An unexpected journey"

This pretty bird is the pukeko.  The family of five were our neighbors at the cabin.  We feed them and they seemed to like us! hehe..

This is Mt. Draper Falls.  There are so many beautiful waterfalls in New Zealand and I'm doing my best to see all of them! :-D

This photo is at the top of this rock that is on the sea in New Plymouth.  The climb to the top is quite steep.  I do have a bit of a fear of heights (I actually say its the crashing to the ground that I'm scared of) but I made it and it was worth it.  However, you can see just how windy it was!  My hair was standing straight up!

This is Stony River Bridge, another small little walk, which New Zealand has countless of.

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