Thursday, February 21, 2013

Napier region day 3

Day three had me heading out of Napier and back towards Wellington.  I LOVE waterfalls, I just think that they are so beautiful, so if I am near one, I stop to see it!  And there was one just out of Dannevirke which was on the way back to Wellington. 
When I finally found the waterfall, it was almost an hour outside of Dannevirke because the road was very windy.  It would've gotten a 5 smile on the motorcyle map!  Lol.  The falls is called Waihi Falls and this is a picture of my car after driving down the dirt needs a wash! :-D
Here is the waterfall.  It hadn't rained very much so there isn't as much water coming off the waterfall as it would if it had just rained, but pretty nonetheless.  Funny thing is that this photo was taken behind a sign that says "Danger beyond this point" lol.  There is a steep drop off but just enough room for one to take an awesome shot! 
Here I am at the bottom of the waterfall.  I had to do the best I could with a shot of me since I was alone.  One other drawback of traveling alone.  But every once in awhile it is nice to spend time just enjoying and contemplating the nature and the beauty.
It was a wonderful trip and I have another couple of "check marks" on the list of places to visit in New Zealand!

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