Saturday, February 16, 2013

Napier New Zealand

Ok, so this post is out of sequence.  I have other posts to do, but since this is current, figured I'd write as I go.  So for President's Day, I had a three day weekend, so I decided to head out of town.  I hadn't been to Napier yet, so I got in the car on Saturday morning and headed out.

This is me having lunch (Subway lol) in the gardens of Palmerston North.  One of the great things about New Zealand is that they have a garden (or two!) in every city.  Usually around the center of town, and it's a place that people come to enjoy the summer sun.
These are some windmills in one of the windmill farms.  New Zealand gets a lot of wind, lol, so it makes sense to have windy mill farms as a form of alternative energy.
This is one of the many rivers and gorges that dot throughout the country side.  The camera doesn't do the scenery justice!
This is the garden in Napier.  I was looking forward to getting out and walking after a four hours drive (even though I did break for lunch 1/2 way in Palmy as the locals call Palmerston North lol).  But my foot has been giving me problems lately and today is no different.  So instead of a nice long walk, I only walked through the gardens and to the beach.

I'd forgotten the camera in the car :-( I know right!?  Any way, when I got back to the car, which was parked by the garden I got some pictures.  This is a water fountain in the park and one can see the profusion of flowers.

I went ahead and walked through the park and ended up by the "start" of the art deco.  Cool huh?  I will definitely remember my camera tomorrow because it's a festival weekend and a lot of the locals dressed up in 1920 style clothes!  SO cool!
And a little information about the park.  A good start to my Napier travels, even if I am alone.  This is the first trip I've taken by myself since when I first got here.  I got so used to traveling with others, it is weird to be "alone" on this trip.

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