Friday, March 27, 2009

On to Washington, DC!

Wow! I can't believe it, I am sitting at the airport waiting to board my plan to Washington, DC. For those of you yet unaware, my medical clearance came through at the last moment and they wanted me to come to the March 30 training. What a crazy week and a half! First I was going, then I wasn't, then there was a chance that I might go, then I wasn''s just been crazy! However, I got everything in order at my house (and my lovely sister and mother graciously offered to be at my home when they come to pack me out). Since I was on my way to the airport this morning anyway :) I also dropped my mom, Aunt Shelia, and Karen Peterson off at the airport as well. They are meeting Ruth in Boston (I was supposed to meet her but then the training come through and I had to cancel). They will have a great trip and I hope that as I start this new adventure that I will as well (which I totoally think I will). I will miss family and friends, but I really feel as this is something that I need to do. Until I "see" you in DC!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Roosevelt Lake

This past weekend, for Mom's birthday and the end of the kid's spring break, we went to Roosevelt Lake. It was amazing to see the lake, it is currently at 106%! I've never seen it so full of water. We camped on the lake and the fishing was great! See Kendra's big bass? Cody and Dad also caught a couple of good sized crappies, so all in all it was a fabulous weekend! I didn't buy a fishing permit this year since I'll be leaving Arizona soon. I did help dad catch a fish though, he couldn't see the bobber go under and I said "jerk! jerk!" luckily it was quick enough that he was able to set the hook. It was a little basser-rasser, but still, I felt that although I didn't fish, I earned my dinner!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Grand Canyon/St. George

This past weekend, I finally got to see the Grand Canyon. I can't believe that it took me so long to see it considering I live in Arizona! Oh, well, better late than never! The various rock formations are really neat to see. My mom was with me and we went to the South Rim. They have a building there with a keiva. It was kinda funny, mom thought it was original (meaning that the indians made it) but I didn't think so. It was built in 1939, so it's old, just not that old.

They had an altar, and I just couldn't resist being the "sacrifice"! Thankfully, however, I didn't have to spill my blood! We made it out of the Grand Canyon just fine. Now I can say that I've seen it.

Mom even got into the spirit and performed a dance "around the fire". She does a mean warrior impression, so watch out!

We got to Fredonia at 8:30 pm where we stayed with Launa Spendlove, mom's best friend. Ruth and Brendan were already there waiting for us. We stayed up late talking and joking. Launa is one of the funniest ladies that I have ever met.

Saturday morning, we got up and headed to St. George to attend a temple session. It was especially wonderful because I was with mom and Ruth but I also got to do the ordinances for a family member. The temple is beautiful, it looks like the Manti and the Logan temple in design. I love attending the temple. It reminds us of who we are and what we are doing on this earth.

St. George was a little cold for me, as you can see (I'm in a 3/4 length jacket and Ruth isn't even wearing one!) But by the afternoon with the sun shining it ended up being a beautiful day.

After the temple, we went to lunch and then headed to Zion's National Park.

By the time we got there, it was late afternoon and the shuttle buses don't run in the winter, so we drove up the scenic road.

We parked by the side of the road and hiked down to the river. We
found a pretty little place that had a waterfall. The rocks are red and the sand is too. In the bottom of the river bed there were a lot of different sized rocks that made the hike fun. Mom didn't hike too far down but we were still able to get some pictures of her by the waterfall.

Sunday, after going to church, mom and I said goodbye to Ruth, Launa and Dixon and headed back home. Mom and I stopped at Jacob's Lake, the rock houses, and the Indian Bridge.
I dropped mom off at her truck, which she left at Aunt Ruth's (great-grandpa's youngest sister) house in Flagstaff and then I headed back to the valley. I had a wonderful time and it was so wonderful to get to see Ruth before I head out to DC. Time flies very quickly and we need to take the time to spend it with those we love while we can.