Friday, June 26, 2009

Riga continued

Riga has a lot of parks.
There is one across the street
from my apartment and many
near the embassy.

The above picture is a picture of
locks that are on the bridges in
the park. It is a tradition that a
couple puts a lock with their name
and the date of their wedding
on the bridge.

This is near a hill in one of the parks
that has a lovely waterfall where
birds swim and people just sit and enjoy the sun.

This is a park and a church in the
center of town that I've
walked a couple of times.
I actually found a little vendor
here who sells Pepsi! Yeah!

Isn't this a lovely water fountain? It's nice but don't get too close as the river isn't the cleanest and you don't want to be sprayed with this water! Although it is love to sit along the bank down or up stream and just enjoy.

I was finally able to get a picture
of me in the park to prove
I am really here!
Riga is a lovely city.
Too bad it isn't really known as a
tourist destination because it's a
great city and so lovely during the
spring and summer.
Now, winter, we'll see!
But so far it's been lovely.
Coming up next, my trip to Lithuania!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Trakai & Vilnius, Lithuania

Midsummer's Eve, a friend and I drove to Lithuania to visit Vilnius and Trakai. As you can see, they really like big city signs. Even Riga has signs this big (just incase you weren't sure what city you were heading into :)).

To prove that I was there, I had a picture taken of me with the castle in the background. I

really liked Trakai castle. It was basically in ruins until the 1990's when it was restored.

There are still ruins of the outer walls that were really neat.

This is Lori and I as we cross the wooden bridge to the castle.
Castles are fun to visit and imagine what happened there over

centuries. Its is also interesting to see the difference that the
US places on historical sites. We try to preserve them so that we

don't have to try and restore them.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Midsummer's Eve

Even though the sun "sets" on Midsummer's Eve, it doesn't really get dark when you are this far north. We were out walking around Trakai and it was still light enough, you'd think it was 6 pm instead of 10!

I love Pepsi

So glad that I can find Pepsi!

Saturday, June 13, 2009


Last weekend I went to a craft fair in an open air museum. There were acres and acres of crochet, linen, pottery, wooden wares, leather, honey and meet. I found this cute hat.

This tea set reminds me of all the pottery that I saw and is just perfect for a tea party with its pretty "flowered" look.

And this pretty teal tea set...

Along with this dessert plate...

I am ready for my first tea party in Latvia! Wish you were here!
Love ya, Mischa
P.S. More to come soon!

My home continued...

Okay, okay! I know! I'm a little bit behind. Sorry it's been fun adjusting and everyone's been so nice and welcoming.

Anyway, I promised more about my house, so here goes!

This is the entry-way and the "formal" dinning room.

Here's a picture of the living room. You can't see them, but I have two bookcases in the living room and another in the entry way. Too bad I gave away all my books! Oh, well, I guess I'll just have to fill them with my DVD's!

This is the second bedroom, where you'll be staying if you come to visit!

This is the loft that over-looks the living room. I can't wait to put my Christmas tree here!

And this is the third bedroom that is currently a "sitting room".

Coming soon, pictures of my kitchen and bedroom (now that I've got all my clothes put away :))