Monday, October 13, 2014

Meet the Mormons

Because there is so much misinformation about what a "Mormon" is, the Church has been encouraging members to attend the movie "Meet the Mormons" in the theater to help keep it in the theaters longer so that more non-members can watch it and learn a little more about is. I went on Thursday night to watch this movie. What amazing stories! Not only does it introduce non-members to the church, but it strengthens the members.
Today at church, I got to meet one of the cast members! My bishop's wife is daughter of the "Candy Bomber" and he came and spoke to us today in church. What a lovely man, and such an amazing story! You can tell he has modeled his life after Jesus Christ, and I was honored to get to meet him.

Monday, October 6, 2014

General Conference Sunday afternoon drive

 My roommate and I decided to take advantage of the nice day and a Sunday afternoon drive up the mountains to see the changing of the leaves.
 The mountains are SO beautiful!
 Love artistic shots!
 I am happy to be in the beautiful nature!

Halloween decorations coming along...

I love Halloween!!!! As all those who know me can attest. And I'm a little later than I wanted to be decorating for my one of my favorite holidays...but it is starting to come along. :)

I made this scarecrow! It took about 20 minutes. He might just be my new boyfriend! Lol. J/K.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Hiking Bridal Veils Falls

I run by Bridal Veils Falls when I do my long runs. It's such a beautiful walk that anytime anyone wants to go, I'm always game. I usually forget my nice camera, but I remembered it this time.
 I love nature, and I especially LOVE waterfalls! They are so beautiful and I love the sound that running water makes. There aren't too many waterfalls in Arizona, so I enjoyed them in New Zealand, but I really enjoy that I live 10 minutes from a beautiful waterfall.

 Not only the waterfalls, but the Provo River is so beautiful! I love running by it every time I do and I also love hiking up to the falls.
 We decided to wade into the pool at the mid-way point of the waterfall. It was SO cold even though the outside temperature was over 100! By the time we had taken some pictures both of our feet were freezing!
 There were a couple of people sitting on a ledge further up the waterfall and we decided that we would climb up there too. We sat on the ledge and chatted for a while while I took some more pictures.
 I love "artistic" shots, and my camera takes some pretty great pictures even without knowing all the special features. I love this shot of the water drops! I can't wait to know even more about my camera to take even better photos. :-)

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Provo Temple to Temple 5k for Pioneer Day

This was a late-starting race, 8:00 a.m! So I didn't have to get up super early, but Ruth and the girls did. Along with Cory, they picked me up and we got dropped off at the temple. Kelsie met us and we walked over to the start-line. Ruth and Kelsie and the kids were walking it, so I moved up to the start-line because I was going for a personal best!
 Ruth putting lotion on Adaline. Cordelia and Rebecca got to do it in style, being pushed!
 Here we all are at the start of the race.
The kids had had enough, by the end, and we got a photo with Ruth's camera, but I haven't copied the photos yet to my computer, but I'm glad we did it! Love spending time with these cuties!

Friday, July 25, 2014


Ruth, Kelsie and I signed up to run/walk the Provo Temple to Temple 5k on Pioneer Day. So we all went together to pick up our race packets.
 Adaline and Kayson all dressed up in their swimming suits! "Cheese!"
 All four of the kiddos...they are never all still!
 Rebecca's SO cute in her little outfit.
 Cordelia sporting a darling red-white-n-blue swimsuit.
 Kayson is a really good swimmer! He's happy to get in the pool and kick around.
I got Ruth and Cory and the girls with my camera, and I'm on theirs!
Love being able to get together with my family!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Battle Creek Falls

 After I ran the Timpanagos Half Marathon, which Kelsie & Jonny and the kids watched me cross the finish-line, we hiked up to Battle Creek Falls. It was quite a trip up the hill, but it was worth it!
 We had a nice little pic-nic lunch at the bottom of the falls. And of course, we had to take photos of our adventure.
 Kelsie, Kayson, Rebecca, and Jonny.
 The view from our pic-nic.
 SO pretty! Being down by the waterfall, we had a nice little mist that helped to cool us down.
We had a wonderful lunch and spending time with each other.
  Adaline and Kayson playing in the water.
 Sisters, sisters, there were never such devoted sisters!
 Cordelia was tired of waiting for someone to get her some grapes, so decided to get them herself. Kayson thought they looked good, to so he got some too.
 Jonny took the kids under the waterfall, and got really close, they ended up getting soaked.
 I didn't get quite so close, but still got a wonderful picture.
 Me and Rebecca and Kayson...having fun but boy were we cold from the cold waterfall.
 I put Cordelia's feet in the water...she wasn't so sure she liked it!
 On the way down the hill. I love my family and cherish the times we get to spend together.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

I love free fruit!

Ruth called me up to let me know one of the sister's in her ward had some more free fruit that we could pick. This is the same one where we got the cherries from. So I drove out to Ruth's so we could pick them. The girls just woke up from their naps, but I couldn't resist some photos! I love this photo of them looking at each other.
 Cordelia is so cute! I love how she looks in this photo.
 It was HOT and sunny, so we all wore hats or stayed in the shade!
 Cordelia trying to pick a plum.
Had a nice time time picking plumbs and raspberries. I hope to make some yummy jam.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Fourth of July Camping and Fireworks

We decided to take the time to enjoy the outdoors as part of our July 4th celebrations. 
So Ruth, the girls and I, and my friend Quinn headed up to Spanish Fork Canyon to pick a campsite. After we got it all set up, Quinn and I headed up the hill for a hike. That was the view from as far as we could make it.
 Adaline loves to throw her soccer ball around, so she and I played toss. She's such a cutie!
 The next morning, her hands were really cold, so we put gloves on her hands and I had to take a picture, because she looked like "Minnie Mouse" hands.
 Ruth, happy the next morning, even though she didn't get too much sleep. Lol.
 Cordelia all bundled up for the cold night and morning.
 Adaline and Aunt Haley being silly as we are getting breakfast ready.
 To wood-beautiful girls! This is what 4 hours of sleep look like!
 After we broke-down camp, we headed back to Ruth's house for a bbq, fire and fireworks. Adaline couldn't quite decide if she liked the fireworks. She ended up tucking her face into my shoulder and actually fell asleep!
 Cordelia was mesmerized by the sparkler and Ruth got a cute picture.
 Ruth, Cory and Grandpa Kellersberger sitting around the fire enjoying the fireworks.
Ruth's neighbors are awesome! We didn't have to fight with crowds, and we were surrounded by fireworks. It was an awesome end to a great couple of days.