Saturday, August 3, 2013

Weta Workshop & lunch with Uriah and Courtney

So today was Uriah and Courtney's last day in Wellington and they are both big Lord of the Rings fans, so we headed over to Weta Workshop for a behind the scenes tour.  Unfortunately, you can't take photos in the workshop, but it was AWESOME!  The tour guide was funny and we had a good group and we got to see some cool stuff. 
Here is Courtney and I in the Weta Cave (otherwise known as money-tourist trap, but still cool!) before our tour.  It was super awesome and I recommend anyone who ejoys the movies to check it out. 
Then we headed to lunch and went to Pizzeria Napoli.  It was SO yummy!  Uriah had a calzozne, Courtney got stuffed shells, and I got the pollo pizza.  It was all so yummy!  I want to go back so bad and eat the stuffed shells.  The pizza was good, but the stuffed shells were AMAZING!  I love good food and I have to workout really hard so that I can eat all the yummy food.

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