Thursday, August 22, 2013

Getting to Fiji

My good friend Erica mentioned that she wanted to go to Fiji, and I was keen to go, so she found a deal and we booked it!  Andrew came as well.  Before we left for Fiji, I had to take a photo of Gollum in the Wellington Airport.
Here is Erica, Andrew and I before we caught our plane.  You can see it in the background, it is one of the "All Blacks" plane.  It is simply painted black with the "All Blacks" silver fern painted on the side.  We are all happy and can't wait to get out of cold Wellington! 
So we were disappointed when we got to Auckland because they cancelled our flight into Nadi (pronounced "Nan-di") but they were able to get us on a plane into Suva the captial.  I thought it was going to work perfect because the temple is in Suva and we were supposed to get in with plenty of time for me to get into the last session.  But then, by the time we got through customs, plus they left our luggage in Auckland, we didn't make it in time.  And it is a small temple so the don't rent clothes, so I didn't get to go.  Which is ok, I just have to go back! :-) 
Here we are pretending to be upset, but we actually were pretty positive and happy.  We were on the bus heading from Suva into our hotel. 
It was dark, but this is the only photo I could get of Suva.

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