Friday, August 2, 2013

Birthday continued

(Jo, Courtney, Uriah, Erica, and Natalie)

A couple of weeks ago me and some friends were chatting about karaoke and I said that we should go for my birthday!  A lot of people said that sounded fun, so I put out feelers.  We decided to eat dinner before at the restuarant right by the karaoke bar. 
(Sofia, Susan, Maggie, Sheryll and I)
The food was really good.  I got what is called "hot pot".  So basically they take the seasoning, put it in a pot that is sunk in the table, with a gas burner beneath it.  Then you take whatever you want, various veggies and meat into the pot and a few seconds later the food is cooked.   
Then you put it in seasing (I choose chili oil, seasme oil, garlic, cilantro and chives) with the veggies and meat and some of the broth, then you eat it.  SO good!  I LOVED it, I would love to go back.
Then we headed to the karaoke room.  They were a little tentative at first, but I sang a few songs and got them all laughing and then they joined in. 
We had A LOT of fun!  It was a little expensive but was fun. 
I would love to karaoke again, but I probably wouldn't go back here because a lot of the songs were oriental.  And I don't read Korean or Chinese!  Lol.

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