Sunday, August 25, 2013

Fiji day three

The one thing that I really wanted to do in Fiji was to go scuba diving.  After getting certified in New Zealand, any where I go that I can, I want to be able to dive.  So instead of doing a day-trip, I went scuba-diving and left Erica and Andrew to their own devices.
This is out on the boat, heading out to the dive-site.  We drove out through the channel of the reef.  That is why there is only waves to a certain part.  The waves break on the reef and there is none where the channel is. 
This is my self-portrait while scuba diving.  
Unfortunately, my camera would only go down to 12 meters (or 30 feet).  So I couldn't get photos all the way down where the fish were. 
Coming up to the surface after my first dive, which was called "Bigfoot" as there is usually a shark that lives down in one of the tunnels, but he was gone when we were there, which I'm totally ok with! 
After my first dive!  It was incredible, couldn't wait to go back down! 
On our way to our next dive site, called "The Edge". 
Some of the people I was diving with. 
An Aussie that was diving with us took a photo of me. It was awesome! 
This is the view as I'm coming up to the boat.  Quite a site. 
After my scuba diving, I headed back to the hotel.  Erica and Andrew were just getting ready to head out, and I said that I wanted to just chill at the hotel.  I was hungry, so ordered the local spinach soup and a salad, and finished it off with an apple juice.  The soup was INCREDIBLE! 
This is what Fijian money looks like. 
I loved these fish!  Just my kind! :-D 
An anneonomy and the fish that lived in it.  It was really cool to watch them swim in and out.  I got a video, but I have to figure out how to embed a video on the blog...

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My Favorite Pup Jasmine said...

AWESOME. :) :) :)

That right there made your whole trip to New Zealand worth it. (Even though there were a ton of other experiences that obviously made it worth it.)

But man- you are so lucky. :) That's awesome!!!!