Sunday, August 25, 2013

Diving Mayor Island, New Zealand

So ever since I got scuba certified, I've been doing everything I can to go diving with the people who certified me.  I got an opportunity just after my trip to Fiji.  We went up to Taruanga, which is up by the Bay of Plenty.  This is the harbor.
On our boat heading out to to Mayor Island.
Views of Mayor Island.
Before heading down into the water.
Such a beautiful place!
All of the guys taking photos. Lol.  Most of the people on the dive were cool.  I hadn't meet anyone before except for my instructor, but considering I was on a boat with a whole bunch of strangers, it was tons of fun!
I loved the line of was probably a line of lava that cooled really fast which kept it red.
Our boat at the end of the three nights.  We slept in the hull of the boat, it was really tiny and there were 12 of us down there.  I fogot to take a photo, but there were bunks and I had to take a top one so that I didn't get too claustrophobic.

This is the captain and the cook.  They were both a lot of fun and I think the cook had a bit of a crush on me!  Lol.
Amazingly beautiful!
An amazing trip and I'm so glad I went!

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