Friday, December 10, 2010

Home leave continued...Visiting Ruth and Utah!

THEN I decided that I hadn't flown enough, I needed to get on another plane and fly to Utah to visit Ruth and go to three temples that I hadn't been to.  Oquirrah, Jordan River and Drapper.  It was quite humorous because Ruth, when she picked me up, was out of gas, so we had to find a gas station and then go to the temple.  We went the "long way around"...haha...
The gas station was actually on the same road that would've taken us RIGHT to the temple, but we went in a big round circle around and were late to the session.  My friend JoAnn, who served a mission in Latvia, meet us there and afterwards we went to dinner.  It was so wonderful to see Ruth and JoAnn.
Then I stayed at Ruth's house.  I showed her how to make my cheesecake the following day after going to the temple.  Then Cory came over so I could meet him and we went to dinner.  It was very fortuitous because there was a jewelry store and I said that we were going to go in and look.

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