Monday, December 20, 2010

HLC Oregon part 7

One benefit of sisters, is we help each other!  One way that the Brewer sisters help is each is...dye!  Yep, most of us have to dye our hair, and some of us just like to dye our hair.  So since I was there I was able to help Vonda.
 On Wednesday night Vonda & David and the boys went to Scouts, so Kendra and I got to spend some "girl-time" together! :)
 We made an Oreo Cheesecake for the tea-party!
 Here we are enjoying the yummy food that we have at the tea-party. :)
 I went with Vonda to her "Garden Club" Christmas meeting.  Kendra played the violin.
 Gabriel came with us and seemed to have a good time too.
Thursday night Braydon has basketball, so I went with him and took some pictures.  He is the tallest on his team.  He seemed to enjoy it and so did I.
Then Friday morning, Vonda and I got up to go to the Portland, Oregon Temple.  That's one thing that I absolutely love about traveling, getting to visit temples.

I had such a wonderful time visiting Vonda, David, Kendra, Braydon and Gabriel in Oregon.  I'm so blessed to have such a wonderful and loving family.

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