Sunday, December 26, 2010

HLC Montezuma's Castle

After Ruth met us in Flagstaff, she and I drove towards the Valley.  As we were driving, I saw the sign for Montezuma's Castle and I mentioned that I had never been there and didn't know when ever the next time that I'd be in the area.  So Ruth decided we should stop and we did!
This isn't the only American Indian ruins in Arizona.  For as long as I can remember, when we'd go to Roosevelt Lake, we'd go to the ruins there.  They are really neat to see.  Montezuma's Castle, you can't actually go up to or walk around in...unlike the one at Roosevelt Lake.
As you can see, it's high up on the cliff face.  This was for protection from other tribes, animals, etc.  It's kind of fun to contemplate what went on here all those years ago.
Then we went to Tuzigoot which was a little further.  It is like a watch-tower in the middle of a valley on top of a hill.  There was a grain grinder there so I pretended like I was making food...hehe...
As you can see it was a cloudy day...but talk about atmospheric!  Made for some amazing pictures.  If we could've been there for the sunset, it would've been absolutely incredible!

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