Sunday, December 12, 2010

Home Leave Continued (HLC) Oregon part 3

So instead of doing one long page, I'm doing my Oregon trip in installations and here is number 3! :D
As part of my Christmas gift, Vonda surprised me and Kendra with a "girlie" day getting our nails done.  We picked Kendra up from school about 11 and drove into Estacada.  Kendra thought she was going to a dentist appointment, so imagine her surprise when Vonda told her (she kind of guessed it because Kendra had asked Vonda earlier if that was a surprise that we could do).  So Monday morning Vonda called and made appointments for us at 12.  I got a pedicure and Vonda and Kendra did a manicure.  We all picked out our colors and got ready for pampering.  I selected red (for Christmas) and Vonda and Kendra both selected different greens.  The people doing our nails were from Vietnam so they were a little hard to understand but they did a fabulous job.  Vonda asked how Kendra felt, and Kendra replied "Like a queen".
Gabriel was with us because he only goes a half-a-day to school and he took this picture, good job for a 6 year old photographer!  The technician asked Gabriel if he wanted a manicure and Gabriel said, "NO! That's girlie!"  So the technician kept teasing him.  All-in-all Gabriel was a good sport to spend an hour with the girls as we were being girlie!

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