Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Visiting friend and Estonia :)

My friend Mindy Sanders flew into Latvia to visit me...actually, let's be honest, she came to visit a new country!  I just happen to be here ;)  No seriously, she came to vist me and the country.  With the location of Latvia and the European Union, it is easy to visit other countries and doesn't take long either.  So, Friday after work, we drove to Tallinn, Estonia and stayed the night. 

Me at our hotel in Tallinn

The view from our Hotel

Then got up and toured Old Town Tallinn.  In my opinion, the nicest "Old Town" of all the Baltics.  Tallinn has the most of the "old town wall" of any of the countries and it has been incorporated into the city.  Of course, there are cobblestone streets, towers, flowers, and tourists.

The view of Old Town Tallinn

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