Monday, July 19, 2010

Trakai Castle, Lithuania

One thing about Europe is the ease of traveling.  Countries are so close here and with the European Union, traveling around Europe has never been easier.  In Arizona, it takes me almost three hours to get from my condo in Chandler to my parent's house in Lakeside.  Well, here I can drive an hour and a half in any direction and be in four different countries!
The last weekend that Mindy was here, we drove down to Trakai, Lithuania to visit a castle.  The castle had been in ruins until a Lithuanian artist started a campaign to get it restored and preserved.  Actual preservation didn't start until the late 1960's.  But it has been restored and is a treasure to visit.
Me trying to scale the castle walls...I just can't help but take fun pictures! ;)
Pretending that I'm part of a castle coo...hehe...
Driving to Vilnius, which is the capital city of Lithuania.  I love how they have these big signs with the city's name...different than in the States where the city sign usually "welcome".  Here it is just a large sign with the city name...just in case you aren't sure where you are heading. ;)

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CeeJ said...

That's better!! =D Now I believe you and Mindy were actually there! ;)

Awesome pics!!