Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Continuing on to Finland...

After spending Friday night and Saturday in Estonia, we took the Tallink Ferry to Helsinki, Finland.

Because it is summer, it doesn't get dark until really late.  The above picture looks like it was taken about 5 pm, doesn't it?  Well, it was actually taken around 8:30 pm!  It really skews your perspective of yawn, look at the sky and think "why am I yawning" and THEN you realize that it is 10 pm, duh! ;)

We stayed in Espoo, Finland near church and not too far from the Helsinki Temple.  Sunday we went to church in Espoo as well.  A lot of the members there speak English, so they were able to translate for us.  Although all the singing was in Finnish...and let's just say: Finnish is hard to pronounce!  But we did the best we could (they like double vowels and double consonants).  And then visited the temple grounds.

Monday I showed Mindy where to take the ferry over to the island while I went to the Embassy to purchase some food (many of you know my issue with allergies here). Then we walked around the warf, looked at the goods for sale, had a salad for lunch and kept walking around the tourist area.  We had to be back on the ferry at 4:30 to head back to Tallinn then drive home to Riga.  Which we didn't get back to Riga until midnight! (Note to self: do not take the ferry that late or stay in Tallinn! hehe)

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CeeJ said...

I want to see pics with people in them too!! You have your own photographer over there! So no excuses!! ;) (How can I prove you were really there, and you just didn't copy these off the internet?) lol ;)