Monday, August 30, 2010


So the other night I was bored...I had purchased the stuff for spinach ravioli and decided that after the gym Wednesday I didn't want to watch TV or read so I broke out the pasta machine.  I made a recipe that I found online.  It rolled out really well but I haven't eaten them yet, so we'll see how they taste this weekend.  I made it with wheat flour, which is a little healthier.  While it was setting I set about to make the filling.  I had some ricotta cheese that I got from the commissary and the mozzerella cheese that Mom shippped me (THANK YOU, my lovely mother!) .  I squeezed out the water from the spinach and put it in a bowl.  Next I added some of the ricotta and the mozzerella.  Then some garlic powder, basil and just a bit of oregano and salt.  Stir it all up and then went to roll out the pasta.  Man, the pasta machine is the best invention! :D  It allowed me to get some lovely sheets of pasta.  Then I hand cut the squares.  I played around with sizes and 1 versus 2 pieces of pasta.  I had so much dough that I also made some angel hair pasta.  I love cooking...just wish I had someone to share it with!
Here is a picture of the finished product with a basil parmesan sauce

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