Monday, August 16, 2010

Ventspils, Latvia

Since I have less than four months left, I have decided to work more local trips into my remaining weeks.  So last weekend after getting up early and running, Wendy Smith, her daughter Shannon, and I drove to Ventspils, Latvia.  It is on the tip of the horn of Latvia on the Baltic Sea.  It is the largest port in Latvia.
This is a view from the Ventspils Castle to the port.  ("Pils" actually means castle in Latvian.  So any city that has it is the name means that there is a castle in the city.)  The cranes go all along the River Venta which is deep enough for ships to dock.
Ventspils has another interesting thing...they have stautes of cows all over the city.  This one just outside the Ventspils Castle had a multi-colored blanket that covered it.  The only time I'll literally get to take a bull by the horns! ;)
On the very tip of the horn of Latvia, is the beach and the "Ventspils Blue Cow"!  It is really interesting that Ventspils has these cow statues because there aren't that many cows in Latvia.  The blue cow is HUGE!  Wendy and Shannon were cooling down in the water, so I didn't get a picture standing next to the bull, but I could barely reach his nose, that's how tall he is!

Little did I know that the Baltic Sea had jelly fish, but it does!  I took a picture not knowing if they would show up, but they do! :)  Aren't they cool?!?!  They are slimy and yucky and it was hard to walk in some parts of the sea without stepping on them!  But I did my best! :)

See...I told you I got in the cold Baltic Sea!!! :)  This day I didn't get all wet because I forgot my swiming suit, but I have gotten all the way in, and here is proof that I did get in! :)

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