Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Sommes Island

There is an island out in the harbor of Wellington.  It was used as a quarentine area during the settlement era.  Now it is a bird sanctuary.  When the settlers came, they introduced predators that ended up killing a lot of the indigenous birds.  Now are trying to prevent the birds from becoming extinct.  So they are extremely strict in allowing only people on the island.
You even have to start in a "hutt" where you check to make sure that you aren't carrying any thing that could harm the island or the creatures on it. 
This is the view from Sommes towards the city. 
And this is the lighthouse...because all islands MUST have a lighthouse to ensure that the ships that cruised in the old days don't crash into the rocks that can be just below the surface.

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rluvsc4eternity said...

Looks like a beautiful place and a fun thing to check off as doing. We miss you so much and hope all is going well in New Zealand. Love you.