Sunday, July 24, 2011

My trip to Jordan

I got to take my first regional rest break (RRB) to Jordan.  I spent a week getting a chance to tour around and see some amazing things and a friend came with me so I wasn't alone. Here I am waiting for our taxi who was my friend's uncle.

Eating my first traditional Jordanian meal.  It was yummy.  Shwarma is meat cooked by open flame, really yummy.  Then you eat it with fresh bread and hummis. It was good, but messy!
The Dead Sea is below sea level and extremely salty.

First we went to Dead Sea and spent the night.  Wow, it's indescribable the feeling of floating in the water.

Then we went down to Aqaba but I didn't snorkle, we just got in the water.

Afterward we drove to Petra and stayed the night.  We got up early and went to see the Treasury, which you'll recognize from Indiana Jones... ;)

Then we drove to Wadi Rum which is a large desert.

We stayed overnight in a Bedouin tent. And this is the camp leader. He was really funny.
After Wadi Rum, we headed back towards Amman and on the way we stopped by the Jordan River.  Even though it wasn't really clean, it was amazing to put my feet in the river where Christ showed us by example one of the first steps we have to take to return to our Father in Heaven.
And on the other side of the Jordan River was Israel.  So even though I haven't been to Israel, I have seen it.  One day soon, I will be on the other side because I am going to visit Israel before I leave.
While my friend visited his family, I spent the next couple of days in and around Amman.  This is Jerash.  It is a very large Roman ruin, the largest I've ever seen.  This row of columns is pretty famous.
Then I went to a castle ruin.  It was like many other castle ruins.
This was a wonderful trip.  This was a fun picture to take.  I always like taking these funny pictures where ever I go.  I actually have more, and perhaps will do a "Jordan part 2".
I really enjoy traveling and am grateful to have gone and walked some of the path that the Lord has walked.  And being in another country makes me very grateful for everything I have.

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