Friday, July 22, 2011

Girls night out at Dojo's

Last night a group of 14 girls went to Dojo's one of the restaurants in the Green Zone in Baghdad.  We went partly because it was Robin's last night and partly just to be the "girls" a much needed thing being completely surrounded by men!
Then after we went to the Dutch Embassy for a party.  I got to meet some Brits, a Pole, an Australian, and an Iraqi!  It was a lot of fun. Then we went to a black-light party at Baghdaddy's.  It was a wonderful and fun night, Robin was really glad that I arranged it for her...
Well, I didn't arrange the Dutch party or the black-light party, but she was glad we all went!  This is Robin.  She is based in New York and we are already planning a "reunion" party of all the girls that have come really close to while here.  Thank goodness for good friends! :)

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MyFavoritePupJasmine said...

You look REALLY GOOD in this pic!! Glad you're making some new friends!