Saturday, August 13, 2011

Living and learning

There are times in our lives that we make choices that impact our future.  Where to go to school?  What job to take?  Should I move?  Then there are smaller choices that seem insignificant:  What should I wear today?  Should I talk to that person?  Should I do this or that with my free time.
All of these decisions, whether great or small, impact where our path will lead.  Sometimes these decisions allow us to forget who we really are, what we know, and what we'll accept.  There are those who don't have to make bad decisions to know that they won't be happy with the repercussions.  But there are times when we make choices that end up leading us down a path that we can't get off of, or is very difficult to come back from.  These are the times that determine which fork we are going to take.  The easy road, or the hard road.  Many choose the easy road and end up continuing in misery.  Those who decide to take the hard road, end up growing and learning, becoming stronger.
Then there are the times when all we can do, is stop in the middle of the road, fall to our knees and ask our Heavenly Father to step in and lift us up.  Help bridge the gap that we as mortals cannot cross.  When you've reached such a point, the going is slow, painful, and many times you feel as if you can't go on...that you don't know if you are strong enough to overcome the pain and misery.  These are the times that the Lord intercedes by sending a friend...or letting you hear a song with a special meaning...or the prayers of loved ones helps buoy you up...
You may be on your knees for hours, or hundreds of times throughout the day.  The amazing thing is that the Lord will always hear you, and send these little things to help you along.  If you pray to Him a hundred times a day, he will always listen.  That is when you need to take a minute to allow Him to speak to you, and answer your prayers.  He always will answer your prayers.  Perhaps not in the way that you think, or as fast as you may want, but He will never fail you. 
It is not always easy to remember who we are.  Satan bombards us every day, from many different angles.  Sometimes we are strong enough to disregard what he tells us.  But there are times, when we are at our weakest, that he is able to make us doubt our self-worth.  It is these times when we need to pray louder and more fervently to the Lord for help. 
We are children of a Heavenly Father that loves us.  He knows us better than we know ourselves.  He wants us to return and live with him.  There is no greater supporter than our Savior Jesus Christ.  If we turn to Him, He will guide us back to our Father in Heaven.  Do not settle for less than the best.  Do not allow the temptations to distract you from the goal of returning to our Heavenly Father.  The Gospel of Jesus Christ allows us to return to our Father and Mother in Heaven.  The love and support of the Savior, family, friends, prayers said on our behalf, help fill our weaknesses and make them into strengths. 
I am grateful for an amazing family, and wonderful friends.  I'm grateful for the Savior Jesus Christ and all that He suffered in the Garden of Gethsemane, and then on the cross at Calvary.  I am grateful for the Church and the priesthood, blessings of strength, and wonderful examples.
When we look back, we realize that sometimes, in order to learn something, we have to go through the most difficult time of our life, but we are not alone.  Remember that no matter where you are, you are never alone.  You can always reach out to Heavenly Father through Jesus Christ and He will guide you safely home.  What comfort that gives me.
With Love,

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