Thursday, June 3, 2010

Running...or more like jogging :)

In my quest to stay healthy, I have found a new enjoyment in running.  It was a beautiful spring day in Washington, DC that I realized that I was classified as a runner when I looked down and saw that I had run 7 miles!  Plus the fact that I felt like I could keep going, which is a good thing because I had to turn around and get all the way back! :)

I had been training since January for the Riga Marathon which is held in May.  Well...silly me, I didn't plan well the day before the race and spent the entire day outside in the sun and didn't drink enough water.  So I woke up the day of the marathon dehydrated!  Needless to say, I didn't run the marathon that day because I didn't want to pass out during the race and be taken to a Latvian hospital.

So now the goal is to be prepared to run in the Valmiera Marathon (another city in Latvia) in September, planning better for the day before! ;) 

As part of the preparation, I am running Saturday in the Golden Sneaker 15k, which is 9.32 miles.  I'll be sure to take my camera to document the race!

Wish me luck!


jazmataz said...

Wow- you're training for a marathon? Good luck!! Is this your first one?

Mischa Brewer said...

Yeah, it's my first! :) I will run in the Valmeira Marathon in September!