Saturday, July 26, 2014

Provo Temple to Temple 5k for Pioneer Day

This was a late-starting race, 8:00 a.m! So I didn't have to get up super early, but Ruth and the girls did. Along with Cory, they picked me up and we got dropped off at the temple. Kelsie met us and we walked over to the start-line. Ruth and Kelsie and the kids were walking it, so I moved up to the start-line because I was going for a personal best!
 Ruth putting lotion on Adaline. Cordelia and Rebecca got to do it in style, being pushed!
 Here we all are at the start of the race.
The kids had had enough, by the end, and we got a photo with Ruth's camera, but I haven't copied the photos yet to my computer, but I'm glad we did it! Love spending time with these cuties!

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