Monday, July 28, 2014

Hiking Bridal Veils Falls

I run by Bridal Veils Falls when I do my long runs. It's such a beautiful walk that anytime anyone wants to go, I'm always game. I usually forget my nice camera, but I remembered it this time.
 I love nature, and I especially LOVE waterfalls! They are so beautiful and I love the sound that running water makes. There aren't too many waterfalls in Arizona, so I enjoyed them in New Zealand, but I really enjoy that I live 10 minutes from a beautiful waterfall.

 Not only the waterfalls, but the Provo River is so beautiful! I love running by it every time I do and I also love hiking up to the falls.
 We decided to wade into the pool at the mid-way point of the waterfall. It was SO cold even though the outside temperature was over 100! By the time we had taken some pictures both of our feet were freezing!
 There were a couple of people sitting on a ledge further up the waterfall and we decided that we would climb up there too. We sat on the ledge and chatted for a while while I took some more pictures.
 I love "artistic" shots, and my camera takes some pretty great pictures even without knowing all the special features. I love this shot of the water drops! I can't wait to know even more about my camera to take even better photos. :-)

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Bridgette Blake said...

So good to see an update. Excited to hear about this new friend. :) Hope you are doing well. We love and miss you.