Monday, February 24, 2014

Schnepf Farm's Peach Blossom Festival

After the Gilbert Temple Open House mom and dad stayed the night with me in the Valley.  That Saturday we drove out to Schnepf Farm and went to their Peach Blossoms' Festival.  I love Schnepf Farms.  I think it's so wonderful what they've been able to do.  They have old buildings and it is almost like being in the past.

  I love this photo of mom and dad kissing in front of an old fashion lamppost.
 The peach blossoms were beautiful!  I love close-ups of flowers.

 Here I am with mom and dad in front of the peach blossoms.
 This was a lovely arbor that I thought had beautiful lines and designs.
 My good friend Mindy came with us and here we are in front of the beautiful blossoms.
Another cute photo of my parents kissing.

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Vonda Reinhold said...

What a fun trip. Love the pictures of mom and dad. What a blessing to go down to the valley when the weather was great.