Monday, February 24, 2014

Gilbert Temple Open House

I was blessed to get to go to the Valley when Bridgette's family went to see the Gilbert Temple Open house.  I love how much the temple is important to them as a family and how they make the effort to go and see our Heavenly Father's house.  They are building a special affinity to the temple and it will be a great blessing in their lives.  The above photo is us waiting in line to go inside to see the video.
 The Blake Family outside the Gilbert Temple.
I love to take photos and think that I take some good pictures.
 I love what good examples my parents are and how much they love the gospel and the temple.
 I love how beautiful the landscaping is around the temple and took this wonderful shot.
 Here is a great shot of Brynna.  She was really excited to get to see the temple.
 Doesn't Brindy look so beautiful in this picture?
I thought that this shot of my beautiful mom looking at my dad was priceless.  I love them so much and am so grateful for their example.
 Brecken, who doesn't quite understand just yet, but he will.
I love this photo of all the kids with the temple in the background.  I am so grateful that I got to spend this time with them.  Memories that we made are priceless and I'm so grateful for their love and example.  Family is precious and I'm grateful to have such a wonderful family.

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Vonda Reinhold said...

Love all the photos. What a great opportunity the kids had to experience the temple. Thanks for posting so we could enjoy.