Sunday, April 14, 2013

Great Forest 1/2 Marathon

Shortly after I got to Wellington, Angie Toler and her family moved here to work at the embassy.  She enjoys running so we've started running together.  A few of the other ladies from church have also joined running with us on Saturday mornings.  And we decided to sign up for the Great Forest 1/2 Marathon. 
Here I am with Emily, Anita, Angie, Sarah and Ly Thach (one of the Marines here at post) 
Us all excited before the race starts acting a little silly.
My friend Karin catching me just before the finish line.  Great action shot, and I'm even smiling after running 13.1 miles! 
Here is my finisher medal.  
Now I have one from two of the three countries I've lived in.  Unfortunately the races I ran in Iraq didn't have medals, but I did both a triathalon and a 1/2 marathon! 
And I must be crazy, because I'm already signed up for the Rotorua 1/2 marathon.  Angie, Sarah, Anita, and Andrew have signed up for the marathon.  I'm just not quite crazy enough to run a marathon...although my friend Erica wants me to sign up for the Wellington Marathon...Let's see if she can convince me to be crazy enough to run a marathon!

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