Sunday, October 24, 2010

How quickly time flies and things add up...

I cannot believe how quickly time flies!  I have just over a month left in Latvia.  It's amazing that a year and a half ago I only had a peripherally idea where Latvia was!  Now I've lived here for almost 18 months and I've traveled to a lot of European countries.  My friends here are sad to see me go, which makes me feel good that they like me.  They are always telling me that they wished we had been able to spend more time together...I guess I'll make sure to do that at the next posts!
Then I was looking at my blog and it tracks how far I've run.  Since I started using I have ran 232 miles!  Isn't that CRAZY?!?!  I had no idea I'd run that far already.  And it makes me realize that since I started running three years ago that I am more than likely close to have ran a 1000 miles.  That is just crazy when you think about it.
But I'm looking forward to going home and visiting with family and friends.  I also look forward to my next adventure... ;)

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