Thursday, October 14, 2010


For the three-day weekend, I went to Copenhagen, Denmark. 

It was great!  I got to go to the temple.

See a lot of history...castles and other stuff...

And ate some Danish pastry...there is a reason that they've tried to export this's incredible!  Rivals the French pastries that I've had.

 SOOO yummy!   : ^ )
Enjoying some hot chocolate after visiting the temple.

 The changing of the castle guards.  It was really interesting.  They start at the military barracks by Rosenborg castle then march down the street to Amalie Palace, about 2 kilometers away.  It was funny because here are these guards marching down the street with a walking police escort, but cars are still allowed to drive down the street!
 Walking down the street in Frederikborg where I saw a castle.

 On the train, it was a great way to get around, cheap and fast, and the main train station was right by my hotel.
 Peeking out of the castle guard box.  Good thing the guard was walking the perimeter! ;)
 A most famous sculpture...

 Denmark's most famous son: Hans Christian Andersen.
 Me half-way up on the round tower.  A great view of the city from the top.

Next trip: Stockholm, Sweden.   : ^ )


jazmataz said...

I can't tell if that's a castle or the temple behind you in the fog. But either way- pretty cool picture!!
What an awesome experience you are having world traveler!!

Bridgette Blake said...

Lucky. :) The last trip I did was a well womens check up in Gilbert. :( Looks like it was a good time. Looking forward to Christmas and your visit. Maybe we'll have a house to enjoy it in. :) Love you