Thursday, November 19, 2015

I've been slacking

I just looked at my last post, and it was over a year ago. Whops!

I tend to post more on Facebook, as it is a little easier/faster and my blog has taken the brunt.

Many things have happened: I've had two different jobs (I'm currently an accountant at Visa), I've moved twice (just further north in Utah, and then one city south), I've ran multiple races (my first relay race happened this year between Idaho and Wyoming), a nephew was born, my parents have almost finished their house and many other things.

I ended up looking at my blog because a good friend started a blog to talk about her infertility journey. She's such a strong person to share something so intimate, it got me thinking that I should stop being so lazy and get back to it.

This started as a travel blog, and other than traveling between Utah and Arizona, I haven't done any additional traveling. I hope to change that in 2016!

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