Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Hunt Memorial Day Camping Trip

A few years ago, the Hunt's started camping on Memorial Day Weekend, as Grandpa Leonard Hunt's birthday is that weekend. This was the first time that I've got to go in a few years. This is a photo of most of those who made the time to come out.
 Leonard Hunt and Helene Hatch have quite a posterity!
 As you can see by Grandpa's overalls, it was COLD!
 Aunt Debbie, Uncle Lee Wayne, and Jolynn trying to stay warm!
 Grandpa sure loves his grand-kids, and they love him too!
 I love seeing photos of Grandpa smiling!
 Uncle Milo trying to teach Brynna how to rope.
 Grandpa and Brindy.
 I never thought I'd see the day that both my parents are addicted to electronics! Lol.
 We went on many a walk during our three days of camping! Here is everyone who made it to the top of the mountain!
 Posers...I wonder where they get it from! Tehehe...
Bryson trying to figure out what's going on.
 Justin brought out a bebbe gun and let the kids shot at targets...Of course they loved it!
 Everyone signing "Happy Birthday" to Grandpa. We sure love him and the time we get to spend together!
Jolynn's little one enjoying cake, without a spoon! Too cute!
I was so grateful to get to go to Arizona and spend the time with my family. I have such a wonderful heritage and I'm appreciative to be part of such an amazing family.

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