Sunday, March 16, 2014


Being sick is not fun for anyone, but poor Adaline caught RSV. So for the last week, I've been helping Ruth with watching Cordelia while she took Adaline to the doctor and the hospitial.
It started out on Tuesday, when Ruth, Kelsie and I were together making strawberry jelly. Adaline was sick, and you could tell that she was not feeling well. She'd laid down to take a nap, and when she got up, her breathing was really labored. I told Ruth it that her breathing was too labored and that she should take Adaline to the doctor. I patted Adaline's back to try and break up some of the congestion because Ruth or Kelsie didn't have sinus/congestion medicine.
Ruth was able to get her into the doctor that evening but Adaline was breathing a lot better. Well, as life goes, she woke up in the middle of night having a very difficult time breathing, so they rushed her to the emergency room. When I woke up, I had two missed calls, so Cory brought Cordelia to me to watch while they were at the breathing unit at the hospital.
Adaline was diagnosed with RSV and Ruth and Cory have been watching to make sure that they keep her breathing under control, and watching Cordelia for any signs. Hopefully Cordelia will avoid getting sick and the ten days will pass quickly and Adaline will be better again.
I'm just grateful that I was nearby to help out.

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