Saturday, September 14, 2013

Last run with church friends

Shortly after I got to Wellington, I met some friends from church who also liked to run.  So on Saturday mornings, we'd meet up and go for a run.  We've done this many times, in preparation for half-marathons and marathons.  We've ran a few races together and all tried to stay healthier.
This was our last run that I was going to be able to make and a beautiful day it was! 
Goregous waterfront morning! 
The girls!  Starting at the right is Angie, me, don't know the girl's name in the middle, Sarah and Katheryn.  This was at the top of a crazy hill that they all wanted to run up!  I made it all way to the top running!  Even after a couple of weeks of hit and miss training. 
Me on the way down the hill. 
The whole run/walk group!  Miss you guys!! Enjoy running!!

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