Saturday, June 22, 2013

Lunch with Karin, Erica and Andy

My friend Erica's boyfriend came to visit from South Korea so we met up for lunch.
It was a crazy rainy and cold day but we braved the elements and went out anyway.  This is us after lunch, you can't really tell, but we were all stuffed!  
And guess where we ate?  Fork and Brewer...hehe...get it? ;-)


Bridgette Blake said...

Love the "fork and Brewer". Looks like you did a Ruth and updated 3 months at once! Were your cocktails virgin?

Mischa Brewer said...

Lol, it wasn't three months, I just realized I hadn't posted anything in the month of June, and I'd done a lot! :-)
I made virgin cocktails for me and Ashley but the other ladies had regular cocktails.