Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Rotorua half-marathon

So I've been running for the last couple of years and I try and sign up for some kind of race to help keep me motivated.  My friends Andrew and Sarah were going to run the Rotorua Marathon and tried to convince me to run the marathon but I hadn't been the healthiest, but I knew I could run a half marathon, so that's what I signed up for.
Rotorua is a geo-thermal area.  Basically this means that the volcanic activity isn't that deep under the ground.  You can see that by the boiling mud pictured above! 
I rode up with Andrew and my friend Erica, who also was going to run the half-marathon.  That steam you can see coming out of the vents is more of the geo-thermal area. 
It is also fall and you can see the changing of the leaves in this photo. 
Here I am with the geo-thermal activity behind us.  I agree with her that I'm not cool with living there!  Haha...good thing I don't! :-) 
And here we are before going to the awards ceremony that night.  Erica finished in 2:06 and I finished in 2:08, which is much faster than my last Great Forest Half Marathon which was 2:22!  My goal for the Wellington Half Marathon is to complete it in 2:00! :-D

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