Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Hobbit Premiere

So everyone who knows me, knows that I'm a big Lord of the Rings fan.  So imagine my excitement when I found out that I would be in Wellington for the world premiere of the Hobbit! :-)
They tried to go all out.  Here is Gandalf and Bag End on the top of the Embassy Theatre where they will show the movie.

Some of the people trying to get a view of the red-carpet. You can see that they made a Hobbit hole that covered a big part of the street.

Peopel were standing on top of everything!  Even these poles to try and get a better view.

The red carpet check-in tent.  The movie was shown in two theatres so the people attending, would check-in here and either head south down Courtney Place or north to their perspective theatres.

A few of the people in line to attend the premiere.  Here were two guys that were dressed up like guards of Minus Tireth.

More of the statues put up around the street.  I'm going to try and go back to tomorrow when there aren't so many people and take phots of the trolls and other statues.

The entrance to the Reading Cinema where some of the people were watching the premiere.

Air New Zealand has various characters of the movie painted on their planes.  The crowds would cheer when the various planes would fly over the street.  As you can see the airport isn't that far from the city to see that the painting on the airplanes.

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Bridgette Blake said...

Too bad you couldn't score tickets! It's much better to do the posts as they come or it does take forever to catch up. :) Love seeing all the pictures. What is with your other comment here? Hope everything is going well. Love you.