Thursday, June 14, 2012

Next home...Wellington, New Zealand

Wellington, New Zeland Harbor

So after 18 months in Baghdad...I am ready to move on to my next assignment...And that is...Wellington, New Zealand!!!!! I am SO excited!  I get to move from sand and dust storms, to one of the most beautiful places on God's wonderful earth.  There is also a nice, good sized LDS population which will be be such a difference than here is Baghdad.  Its really been quite a challenge here because there aren't that many LDS people here and its hard to find good people to spend time with.  So I've gone through some challenges but I'm stronger for them.
And I know that blessings are just around the corner! :)
Plus, getting to explore New Zealand is going to make my time in Wellington very enjoyable.  Just being back to a normal life is going to make a big difference. :)

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