Sunday, January 22, 2012

Getting ready fro my next regional rest break

Time flies by too quickly sometimes and sometimes takes FOREVER!  Lol.  These times have been particularly evident my time during in Baghdad.  When I am gone on my R&Rs or my regional rest breaks (RRB) my time flies by WAY too quickly and then I'm back in Baghdad.  Then when I'm back in Baghdad, time seems to DRAG!  Lol.  But that's ok.  Luckily, I have enough R&Rs and RRBs that it helps break up my time pretty quickly.  That being said, I am getting ready to go on my next RRB.  And this time, I am going to a place that I've ALWAYS wanted to go...I'm cruising the Greek Islands! :D  That is something that I have wanted to do since I can remember.  I'm going to also get to Jerusalem too, so I am crossing off two of the places I've always wanted to go.  Can't wait to show everyone the pictures!  Until then!

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