Saturday, November 12, 2011

It's official!

On Friday I received an official offer for my next post.  I'm going to Wellington, New Zealand!!!! WOW, can I just say, Wow!  I'm SO excited!  I've NEVER been to this part of the world and for the next 3 years, I get to explore New Zealand and Australia.  Plus go to perhaps Thailand and other locations.  I didn't think that I'd get this posting.  There were quite a few other bidders on it, but the fact that I volunteered for Iraq, plus a good "corridor reputation" meant that I was the lucky one chosen!  I am supposed to report to post in August 2012, which means that I will probably be in Iraq until the middle of July.  But that's ok!  Knowing where I'm going next is a relief.  There won't be any training, just home leave before departing for post.  Everything happens for a reason, and I'm looking forward to my next adventures in the South Pacific! :D

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Bridgette Blake said...

That is awesome. I'd love to see that part of the world. You're not too far from some awesome Islands too. We'll be glad to have you out of Iraq!